Letter Chef

Freshly Brewed Hand Crafted Graphic- & Information Design


Design will always be my first love, along with typography. Letters and characters have inspired my design work since the start, adding taste and flavour to the brands I serve. Logo design. Product packaging. Illustrations. Digital creations and more. Even patterns for my designer cup range, Koppie Boeretroos. Dear letters, I just love you.


Well, one can't live on typography alone. I enjoy cooking up beautiful integrated designs for my clients. From logos to adverts and websites, I always look for a way to create delicious work that's out of the ordinary. Because just like letters are necessary, the same goes for quirky images. Together, the visuals and words are all blended together to produce a feast of lip-smacking creative.


- Brand Name

- Logo

- Slogan

- Advertising

- Stationery

- Brochures

- Flyers

- Website Design

- Social Media

- Photography