Letter Chef
Chief Cook and Fynbos Butcher


Letterchef Shop

All items are illustrated, designed / photographed and cooked to perfection in our kitchen. Prices are in South African Rand.

Fynbos Flenters

Angels from Africa. Our exclusive mixed media homeware range. Created from pieces of shredded Fynbos, combined with everyday items.

Letterchef Love

Say: 'Hello', 'Well Done!', 'Thank You', 'Happy Brithday' and 'Merry Christmas' with these tiny gift card sets ready to be added to any gift. A combination of Photography, Illustration & Mixed Media Art. Measurements: 70mm x 70mm when folded

Koppie Boeretroos

Hand Illustrated, dishwasher safe 'greeting cups' from the Letterchef Studio.